Aquí puede consultar accesorios sobre  Excilite µ.

Componentes y accesorios, piezas de mano y herramientas aportan versatilidad y eficiencia a nuestras estaciones de trabajo. Explore aquí la lista de accesorios para su dispositivo DEKA.

Handpiece & Screens

Excilite-µ handpiece has a monochromatic source able to emit a non-coherent light with a narrow band centred on 308 nm in the UVB. This particular source is exclusive to DEKA and it is called MEL@308nm. The emission is continuous wave and is uniform on the area where the treatment can take place, 30 cm2 at maximum (5×6 cm).

The Excilite-m system is supplied with two different screens for performing treatments…

Protective Glasses

All people, staing in the room where the laser is working, could be affected by laser radiation exposure. For this reason they must wear safety glasses.
DEKA provides with every laser system specific laser safety eyewear which are appropriate for the laser wavelength, for the laser power and for the laser working modes. All glasses are compliant with European Community norm EN 207 which is stricter than the American norm ANSI Z 136…

Excilite-µ PDF Summary

Clicking on the link below you can download a pdf file with the summary table, equipped with all accessories available for the system, and relative codes.

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