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Componentes y accesorios, piezas de mano y herramientas aportan versatilidad y eficiencia a nuestras estaciones de trabajo. Explore aquí la lista de accesorios para su dispositivo DEKA.

FT Pulsed Light Handpiece

FT handpiece is completely different from the UPL DEKA handpieces. The difference is the lamp shape: in this case it is linear and not U-shaped. The main advantage is that you can easily change the filter without removing the handpiece (removable filters with magnetic connection). On the other hand, the handpiece life is shorter: 30,000 shots. One other important golden point of FT handpiece is…

Lasers Handpieces

Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers are delivered with the same 1,000 mm fibre optic. In both cases it is possible to choose among ten handpieces with spot diameters of 2.5, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 20 mm. The 2.5 mm is indicated only for Nd:YAG laser for vascular treatments. All handpieces have 2 important integrated technologies:
– the “Top-Hat Fluence Emission Technology” which guarantees uniform fluence on all the spot area
– and the “Automatic Spot Size Recognition System” which allows Synchro REPLA:Y to recognise the handpiece and show the appropriate control panel.

Each handpiece has to be linked to the fibre connector, to the electronic jack for handpiece recognition, and to air flow connector. In addition to this basic handpiece configuration it is possible to attach two handpiece holders for skin cooling. The first is the “Skin Cooler handpiece holder” with a built-in contact cooling system, and the second is the “Handpiece holder for SmartCryo” which guides the cooled air flow coming from SmartCryo, directly to the laser spot area.

Skin Cooler handpiece holder with Contact Cooling

The “Handpiece Holder with Contact Cooling” is a contact cooling device which uses peltier technology to cool down the skin that’s being treated by the laser pulse (before and after firing the laser). The cooling power varies from 4°C up to 18°C and can be adjusted from the Nd:YAG control panel menu. This way, the skin is protected better during treatment, preventing important side effects.
The “Skin Cooler handpiece holder” has an ergonomic shape and laser handpiece that can be inserted and fixed inside. This way, the doctor can easily manage a single device which delivers laser energy and cools down the skin.

Moveo Handpiece

Moveo handpiece has been designed for faster and painless hair removal treatments with the Alexandrite laser. Moveo handpiece is representing a new concept in hair removal treatments, where lower fluences and higher fluences are preferred for getting cumulative heating effect on hair follicles in a safer way. Furthermore the innovative sapphire tip reduce the reflective energy loss (up to 50%) which are intrinsic with normal operation. The sapphire tip is always maintened to low temperature to increase patient’s comfort.

Handpiece Holder for SmartCryo

The “Handpiece holder for SmartCryo” is a non-contact cooling device suggested for all practitioners who prefer to use an external air cooling system. The handpiece has a piping system which delivers air from the SmartCryo directly to the treatment area. This way the skin is better protected during treatment, thus preventing important side effects.
The “Handpiece holder for SmartCryo” has an ergonomic shape and the laser handpiece can be inserted and fixed inside. In this way the doctor can easily manage a single device which deliver laser energy and cool down the skin.

Reinforced Fibre

The special optical fibre which delivered laser energy from Synchro REPLA:Y to the handpiece. Optical fibres are made of silica which makes them very fragile. For this reason, in order to avoid any damage, DEKA protect Synchro REPLA:Y fibres with a strongly reinforced cover of the entire fibre length. At either end of the fibre there are two SMA connectors. These are used to fix fibre ends to the Synchro REPLA:Y laser aperture and handpiece.

SmartCryo 6

Epilation and vascular treatments require effective skin cooling in order to limit damage to the deeper structures and safeguard the epidermis from adverse heat effects.
Smart Cryo is a powerful cool-air generator that provides intense localised skin cooling without any contact, thus guaranteeing…

Protective Glasses

All people, staing in the room where the laser is working, could be affected by laser radiation exposure. For this reason they must wear safety glasses.
DEKA provides with every laser system specific laser safety eyewear which are appropriate for the laser wavelength, for the laser power and for the laser working modes. All glasses are compliant with European Community norm EN 207 which is stricter than the American norm ANSI Z 136…

Synchro REPLA:Y PDF Summary

Clicking on the link below you can download a pdf file with the summary table, equipped with all accessories available for the system, and relative codes.

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